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Roelfes Group spring 2018

Gerard Roelfes
Gerard Roelfes obtained his MSc and PhD (2000) from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. His PhD research (supervisor Prof. Ben L. Feringa) was on synthetic models for non-heme iron oxygenases, which was a joint project with Unilever Research (Dr. R. Hage) and the group of Prof. Lawrence Que Jr. (Univ. Minnesota), in whose lab he carried out part of the work. After his PhD he went for a post-doc with Prof. Donald Hilvert in the Laboratorium fur Organische Chemie of the ETH-Zurich (Switzerland), where he worked on synthetic strategies towards seleno-proteins, using a combination of chemical and biological methods. In 2003 he returned to the University of Groningen as a junior research group leader. He became Assistant Professor in 2006, Associate Professor in 2010 and since 2015 is Full Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry & Catalysis.

    Group members

  • Bart Brouwer
    PhD student

  • Cora Gutiérrez de Souza
    PhD student

  • Linda Ofori Atta
    PhD student

  • Michela Vargiu
    PhD student

  • Reinder de Vries
    PhD student

  • Reuben Leveson-Gower
    PhD student

  • Roos van Lier
    PhD student

  • Ruben Oudshoorn
    MSc student

  • Ruben de Boer
    MSc student

  • Shreyans Chordia
    PhD student

  • Zhi Zhou
  • Former PhD students
    Dowine de Bruijn
    Rik Megens
    Lorina Gjonaj
    Jeffrey Bos
    Jens Oelerich
    Ivana Drienovská
    Arjan Geersing
    Fiora Rosati
    Manuela Bersellini
    Tieme van der Berg
    Arnold Boersma
    Qian Li
    Núria Sancho Oltra
    Ewold Dijk
    Ruben Maaskant
    Hugo van Oosterhout
    Liliana Cozzoli
    Former postdocs
    Almudena García Fernàndez
    Lara Villarino Palmaz
    Ana Rioz Martínez
    David Coquière
    Nathalie Ségaud
    Eswar Reddem
    Clemens Mayer
    Sara Hernández Mejías
    Lur Alonso Cotchico
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